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PARAGON PLUMBING are a Mechanical Services and Piping company, having completed in excess of 400 successful projects.

Paragon Plumbing employs skilled plumbers, boilermakers, pipefitters and certified welders enabling us to deliver a complete range of mechanical services and process pipework and associated projects ranging from small-bore copper to large bore carbon and stainless steel pressure pipework.

Training of staff and the employment of apprentices play a major role in the growth of Paragon Plumbing.

We are dedicated to the growth of the Mechanical piping industry and actively encourage advanced and specialised training for all staff.

5 Core Values

When you consider Paragon Plumbing as your partner in Mechanical Services, be it as a customer, employee or supplier, you can be assured that you are an integral part of a strong and growing relationship.

As a customer of Paragon Plumbing you can expect a partner who has extensive experience in the Mechanical Services industry with a committed management and well trained and motivated workforce delivering piping installations of the highest quality time and time again.

At Paragon Plumbing, we believe that the success of our company starts with our biggest asset, our employees.

We encourage in-house training to advance individual trade skills and rotation of apprentices through workshop and site environments ensuring well rounded tradespeople.

The cornerstone of all installations are the materials that we use.
That is why we only use suppliers that offer goods of the highest quality and have the capability and reliability to furnish material deliveries on time every time.


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