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    With purposely equipped warehouse working spaces in NSW, WA and QLD, all Paragon sites have further expanded the pre-fabrication capacity of specialised piping components. This includes the construction of modules and skids, providing the capability to incorporate pipework, equipment, support structure and where required, additional trades services.

    There are many advantages with this modular approach, including higher levels of quality, a controlled working environment, appropriate tooling, power at hand, as well as the added efficiencies of in line fabrication.

    The workshop environment improves productivity by enabling concurrent working activities to be conducted in separate locations. Prefab eliminates restrictions and delays encountered by unfavourable weather conditions; and interference through access issues or interruptions often experienced with construction sites.

    All products undergo complete quality assurance checks and testing prior to transportation and installation on site, additionally, safety risks are reduced for personnel due to fewer on-site hours.

    The modular process may include an initial investment where design and scope considerations are finalised, although any costs are rapidly compensated during the installation phase, which allows for reduced and more efficient construction schedules, resulting in a more professionalinstallation.
    Our facilities offer semi-automated fabrication and welding processes, which are controlled and constructed by experienced and qualified managers, supervisors and tradespeople.

    All welding is performed by coded welders and controlled by appropriate Paragon Plumbing and Australian Standards approved welding procedures, complemented by inhouse certification and inspection. Third party NATA quality assurance can be arranged for any projects when requested.