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    Mechanical Services

    Paragon Plumbing employs skilled plumbers, boilermakers, riggers, pipefitters and certified welders, which is enhanced by workshop facilities. This agile working environment enables us to complete a range of mechanical services, hydraulic and fire pipework, and associated projects ranging from small-bore copper to large bore A.B.S., M.D.P.E., carbon and stainless steel pressure pipework.

    We have three workshops in Australia, along with our head office and storage facilities, where major projects benefit from the ability to fabricate large and small pipework in all materials e.g. pump spools, valve sets, anchor points and structural steel supports.

    We take quality assurance and occupational health and safety seriously, which is why they are both of the highest priority on all our projects in all states.

    Wynyard Mechanical Plumbing Services
    Mechanical Plumbing Services
    Our projects and staff are continually monitored and assessed for full compliance with Australian and Industry standards.

    We are continuously upgrading and improving our work methods to accommodate new practices and technology.

    Our In-house team consists of qualified welding procedures and certified welders, including AS/NZS3992 to AS4041 Class 1, 2, 3, ASME IX, AS1554.1 and AS1554.6.

    Certified in-house welding pressure equipment and structural steel supervision and inspection in accordance with Australian and International Standards, AS1796, AS2214 and IWI.